something to use, but there is no fun because of the lack of pr0n
i made little tommy use a safe search
by aaron's house August 8, 2005
something you don't show your parents and clear out daily
Mom: Son, what were you doing?
Me: Nothing...
Mom: *Checks history*
Also Mom: Sees images of really bad stuff
Me: *Before mom can get to the worst part*
by somone who is guy June 29, 2021
Search-fu is a term that is used often in internet Forums. When someone asks for a piece of information that is commonly available on the site, but says they can not find it with the search button, it is often termed bad search-fu. When the next poster does use the search feature for the site and finds it, he/she has powerful search-fu.
My search-fu is weak I can not find the post that tells of the horsepower numbers of a corvette.
by at0mic May 5, 2006
When you're looking for specific information on a search engine site and you either a) type in keywords that are so vague, you're guaranteed not to find what you're looking for, or b) you type in something that could be misconstrued so something completely different come up (usually beause it was too vague.)
Person1: I need to look up information for my book report. "Search: Harry Potter."
Person2: Whoah, dude. That's a major suicide search. Try "Search: Harry Potter, chapters 1-5."

Person: I think my dog might be going blind. Let's see, "Search: Blind Dogs." ..."Dogs for the blind, Dogs helping the blind, Dogs leading the blind..." Oops. "Search: Symptoms for Dogs going blind." ...There we go. Stupid Suice Search...
by Kirby92 July 23, 2008
soemthing that you dont want anyone to see when you go on google and leave your computer with someone else, because there may be some things on your history that are either disgusting or innapropiate
hey can i look at your search history? NO because its private and i dont want to share it at all!
by penismuncher86 December 5, 2018
To search one's own name on an Internet search engine such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
I cannot believe my pr0n pictures come up first everytime I do a vanity search.
by Luke P November 15, 2005
Game (best on the freeway) when you stick your ass out of a car window and take a shit. Also done to make other drivers see someone take a crap while going 70mph.
"OMG honey that boy is taking a poop ouside his car window!"
"Oh sweetie they're just playing search and destroy."
by The jman December 27, 2008