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a former demi-god cast out of grace who became an intergalactic warrior who is hellbent on taking over the world after landing antarctica and claiming it as his/her own. scumdogs tend to hate all world leaders and would like to kill everything.
scumdogs of the universe.
by the dastardly one December 30, 2003
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a slaze king who slazes way too hard, lives in their friends basement, usually is unemployed. gets way too fucked on a consistent basis, then spends the whole next day in the same clothes and usually doesnt shower until the last minute before you go out. is cheap as hell, doesnt mind takin down a swamp donkey every now and then, is a wicked wingman and always has a teamates back. Basically an all around beauty who lives for nothing else but to muck and slaze
Bro 1:sirr lets have some cold ones and get sauced tonight
Bro2: man you know I got no cash for that type of outing
Bro 1: cmon man just go to the atm and grab some flow you fuckin scum dog


Bro 1: sirr its time to get up its fuckin 1:30 in the afternoon time for a team breako
Bro:2 opp sir cant be done I need about atleast another nap before that
Bro:1 get up slaze king stop bein such a fuckin scum dog
by The real scum dog December 23, 2009
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