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The act of having a shit (whilst sitting on the toilet) without needing to flush as it has already made its way down the U-tube and out of site in the actual bowl.
Ringo: Ahhhhh that was a good shit.
Kuba: That's disgusting, I didn't even hear you flush.
Ringo: Scuba diver mate...
by HoOoOOOOooooOOoo October 18, 2009
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A sexual position which entails a man placing his weiner in a woman's mouth and his balls on her eyes. The name scuba diver was derived from the fact that the dick is the snorkel and the balls on her eyes act as the goggles. The rest of the scrotum acts as the mask.
The girl was pissed when she found out what her boyfriends scuba diving lessons entailed.
by jasom February 12, 2004
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scuba diver
Someone who regularly uses marijuana. Calling someone a scuba diver implies that they are fully aware of and practice stoner etiquette. Scuba divers breath Oxygen while diving deep beneath the waves to frolic amungst the coral reefer.
Synonem: Pro Stoner.
Hary's dad is a scuba diver.
"Yea, we are lecenced scuba divers. Would you like to acompany us on a dive?"
by layout420 May 20, 2007
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take position - standing bending over ,on all fours or on your back with your legs pulled up(take your pick) an have someone suck a fart out of your ass (the person sucking the fart looks like a scubadiver) hnce the scubadiver
by MR Pink July 02, 2013
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