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The code of ethical behavior among pro stoners.
1) Do not nigger lip.
2) If everyone smoking takes one hit, don't puff puff puff puff... pass. Unless you are black(if you are black, stoner etiquette does not aply to you)
3) Don't pack Kellbowls. Pack VanderBowls! Especially if it is a special occasion. (ex: concerts, parties, Q-zar, ultimate, relly any time you smoke is a special occasion)
4) Don't blow out the bowl before you ask someone if it's cashed. changes are that you are too high to tell and getting someone else's opinion is always a good idea. Also, don't pass someone a cashed bowl without saying anything. He will get ashed
5) Do not smoke in someone's house or car without getting prior aproval.
6) Always corner. never scorch the Oxygen. it is a waste.
7) Whoever owns the weed being smoked gets the honorary first hit. Whoever owns the piece/rolled gets the second hit.
8) Don't skip someone or change direction in the middle of smoking.
9) Never smoke someone else's weed without asking. This is the biggest Kell move ever. Even amerature stoners are expected to know this.
10) Don't hold the piece/joint/blunt when telling a story. every one is more concerned about smoking that your stupid story. No one will remember what you said anyways so just hit that shit and pass it man.
You skipped me. What are you thinking? Do you have no idea about stoner etiquette?
Kell moves are never in keeping with stoner etiquette.
by layout420 January 02, 2007
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