An amazing gift that Balecs give you on sight. They will fly you to the moon and back. They taste great just like saltines.
Those scrumptious balls made me go up up and away
by balec2 December 22, 2021
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speaks 4 itself
good poon
john was hungry so grabbed a bite of that scrumptious pussy
by Haironmycock February 13, 2008
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Scrumptious deliumptious Is a word describing parts on a woman’s body like thighs or butt.
Oh her thighs are Scrumptious deliumptious
by Niggas on nine September 17, 2019
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William: Oscar, may I please have some of that scrumptious confectionary?
Oscar: No. It is far too scrumptious for the likings of you!
by jckgan November 24, 2021
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Is that a slug, caught in the light?
It would make a tasty delight.
To catch one can be very easy,

I've heard that they taste very cheesy.
Dumping salt on one makes it thirsty.
It might die in a minute thirty.

To cook a slug, it must be placed in a pot,
If it isn't dead it will feel distraught.
Let the pot simmer until the water boils.
The slime from the slug will burn like oils.
A plate is now ready for the slug,
Or maybe it belongs in a mug.

Eating it will be like eating an eel,
Swallow it wrong and it won't be an excellent meal.
If cooked right it will taste better than a frog.
Or maybe even better than a hog.
I recommend you eat it with some grain,
So that the taste can be embedded in your slug sized brain.
Wow, those were some scrumptious slugs
by T H O T P O L I C E October 3, 2018
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