A person who writes scipts, that is, the dialogue and actions of a movie. First drafts are often quite different to the final script which becomes a film, but the plotline usually stays similar.

Compared to directors and actors, screenwriters are way down in the food chain of fame, recognition, and money.
"I'm a screenwriter"
"What's that?"
"You don't know?!? Look up urbandictionary!"
by Jungle Boogie February 3, 2006
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-noun, plural 'screenwriters'
1. That guy who works as a receptionist and has been doing so for years. He keeps telling you about this killer idea he's working on, but you've never seen a single page.
2. Any idiot who failed English in high school or college.
3. A career track at an institution of higher learning like USC, UCLA, or CMU. Usually taught by a 'working professional' who sold one script about a hero dog who saves his owner. Ironically, the cost of tuition far exceeds what most people will make as a career screenwriter.
4. Anyone with an opinion about a movie who believes they could do better if given the chance.
5. Anyone with access to word processing software.
No one on the set tells the director or producer how to direct or produce. But everyone's a Goddamn writer. Everyone tells the screenwriter how to write.

Screenwriters need to realize that scripts are kinda like assholes: everyone's got at least one.
by siddNullus February 6, 2009
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The Inventor of a film.

The most under-valued person in the filmmaking process.
Person#1: "Casablanca, what a masterpiece. You know it took four screenwriters to write that?

Person#2: "What's a Screenwriter?"
by jazz4 March 11, 2011
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Oh? Does that suck? You worked hard but my thing is the best thing ever written of it's kind and I DIDN'T have to work hard? Wow! It's kind of like someone fucked a retard instead of you... You know? Like... Figuratively... That sucks for you... Enjoy not getting paid enough or AT ALL for your contribution. I wouldn't know what that's like because I'm not allowed to exist and (therefore) nothing can or is happening to me.
Hym "Yeah, that sucks about the screenwriters getting paid more than 0 dollars to do a less good job than me and then ignoring my existence because I refuse to tow a partisan and/or ideological lines. Like... They bitch about denying trans people's existence but here they are denying someone's existence.... A little hypocritical... Just saying..."
by Hym Iam June 2, 2023
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