verb -- 1) to incite internal opposition against and undermine a moderate member of a political party, usually by right wing forces. 2) to ideologically purify an organization by eliminating members who don't adhere to orthodoxy.

The verb is derived from the last name of Dede Scozzafava, a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, Republican State Legislator in New York, who was a candidate for New York's 23rd Congressional district in a 2009 special election until she was drummed out the race by vigorous opposition from far right figures such as former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin as well as former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey both of whom supported the third party candidacy of Doug Hoffman. Moderate Democrat Bill Owens ultimately won the race, prevailing in a district that had not elected a member of his party in over 100 years.
Republican wing nuts are looking to scozzafava a number of their own moderate office holders in the upcoming party primaries. One of their targets is Ellen Smith because she doesn't agree with the NRA's stance that the best way to prevent massacres on college campuses is for students and professors to carry concealed weapons.

The Pope has decided to scozzafava the church by defrocking priests who voice disagreement with the Holy See's opposition to the use of condoms.
by AYYFRON November 6, 2009
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(Pronounced: /skoʊzəfavəd/)

1. Purged of moderation, e.g., within in a Congressional district
2. Inadvertently revealed internal chaos, e.g., within in a political party
3. Adj., Doomed due to popular support of the GOP electorate
"Dude, you see Glenn Beck talking about how our congressman supports indoctrinating us in the ways of socialism through paper money last night? We need to get him Scozzafavaed."
by ScozzaFavulous November 5, 2009
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In politics: when a candidate for an political office with moderate views is challenged by a third-party candidate whose views are more ideologically "pure" to the extent that the moderate candidate withdraws from the race.
"Did you hear that the Senator's opponent got Scozzafavaed? He'll win the election easily now!"
by Linhasxoc November 11, 2009
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Slade Scozzafava is a straight up hammer. Anyone with the name is invincible and can do whatever they want. The name gives power to even the weakest people. If you have this name don’t disrespect it.
Slade Scozzafava is the most hammer person to live. Slade Scozzafava is from Maui Kihei.
by Hunpbaker December 12, 2020
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