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1. To jack
2. the art of blatantly stealing from your roomates
3. when your homeboy bones your girlfriend because u took his pizza
4.when u let someone borrow something and NEVER get it back
1.Jason bought 3 pizzas friday night and only had 1 slice left saturday morning.... SCOOOP!!!!!!!
2. I introduced my roomate to my girlfriend and he yelled "scooop!!!?!?", I havent heard from her since. :(
3. I was gone for 5 minutes to get gas and came back to noooo parking space.... SCOOOP!
4. When your at the mall and you're about to get that parkin spot, and u KNOW that old b!tch seen you and she takes it anyways..... SCOOOP!
5.jason, d-rock, chris, nicole, alex, matt, nova, felicia,amayah are all scooopers!
by NicoleB & ChrisF April 30, 2009
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