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A wonderful haven of sensible online car chat. Similar websites exist, but IMO, this is the daddy!
Oh, you've got a scoob? You on scoobynet?
by Damian February 27, 2004
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A fucked up IRC server ( mostly used by rednecks, and other types of fuckups in the southern ohio region.
bubba: lets connect to and try to abduct little 12 year old girls.
billy joe: sounds like a plan!
by c0rrupt December 23, 2003
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Place where the Subaru is untouchable... Whatever you drive, I guarantee that they will tell you an Impreza is sharper, faster, more exciting and better styled.

Muppet Room gives some good laughs and Non-Scoob Related has some substance.
Hi, I'm new to Scoobynet... I've got a Ferrari 306 CS and I drilled a chav in a standard UK Impreza the other night when he tried to have a go at me on a Dual Carriageway.

You sure he was trying mate?? I would expect you to have had the edge over 120, so for you to pull away straight from the roundabout is weird, hmmm, might have been suffering from severe heat-soak??

Just be grateful that it wasnt wet or that this happened on some twisties... he would have left you for dead, no question.
by Akbar Akbar, Islamic Jee-Had October 11, 2005
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Internet site
where assorted idiots talk about how much faster their subaru is than every other car on the road including ferraris and porches. Also despite being a car site has forums for DIY (my subaru is a better drill then a Black and decker). sport ( my subaru is a better football player than david beckham) and other crap like muppets where wankers talk rubbish all day and say wibble.
Get a life, moi, nope I am going to spend each and every day on scoobynet.
by the daddy February 26, 2004
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