1. An expression of positive agreement or coolness
A: Sup, homeslice? I'm in need of a happy hour. You in?
B: Schwiggity.
by Ndot August 16, 2007
Its is a low quality form of pot, or mariuana
Joe: Did you get that dank?!
Bob: Nope, all i could get was this Schwiggity Schwiggity Schwag...
by Neticule October 15, 2003
Slang term for young Oakville professionals named Joel Carroll with grotesque and deformed big toes.
Q: Sup kidddd, did you see J-Schwiggity's big toe?
A: Yeah Sunnnn, it's Chiggits. At least he's not two-face.
by DangerDiggity August 10, 2012
a cool/unique way of asking what's up
John: schwiggity schwag, what's in the bag?
Sara: nothin, just a bag of potato chips (sara is eating potato chips) schwiggity schwag, what's in YOUR bag?
John: nothin, just some math homework (john is doing math homework)
by iamsosmrtiamsosmrt September 2, 2009
When You DPS so Hard in a game You pull agro.
Pao used his Schwiggity Swaad so hard on Remnant he Pulled agro off Rinz.
by Snalydo September 9, 2021