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A sexual position created in Germany during WW2 and is most commonly know today as the "mustache ride."
I can't wait to go to bed tonight and schwenkfelder my girl friend.

Dude! I totally schwenkfeld that girl tonight.

The schwenkfelder is so much better than the donkey punch!
by schwenkfelder January 16, 2010
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A religion based on the spiritual ideals of Kasper Schwenkfelder.

The Schwenkfelder entered the popular vernacular in the early 1920s after Karl Schwenkfelder (Kasper Schwenkfelder’s son) became infamous among German elites for performing lewd sexual acts in public places with other young German socialites. The most famous act of public indecency later became known as the Schwenkfelder.

A Schwenkfelder is the German practice of pulling on one’s partner’s “schwenk” causing the partner to release his bowls and pass out.
When he woke up, covered in his own feces yet completely satisfied, Heinrich realized that he had been given a “Schwenkfelder.”

Before the wedding, Madeline’s mother pulled her aside and explained what Geoffrey would be expecting on this, their wedding night. Madeline knew of Schwenkfelding, but had never done it with previous partners. It seemed indecent and rude but Madeline’s mother impressed upon her daughter that if the Schwenkfelder was not performed the marriage would not be considered to be a True German Marriage.

“But mother, what happens if I pull on his “schwenk” and I get his excrement all over my dress?”
“Madeline, this is why when proper young women perform Schwenkfelding, they do not wear white.”
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