descended from Hercules himself the name schoolcraft is considered a super human name, schoolcraft can be interpretated has, studly, ambitious, mesomorphic. naturaly good at everything, schoolcraft's exceed at everything they do.
wow, how is bob so good?

well his last name is schoolcraft.
by timabloo May 24, 2008
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Verb; to throw a lap-top computer at a boss upon being fired.
When he was fired by Terry fired, Nick Schoolcrafted the mac book at his head. Andy was laughing.
by Way Tight November 16, 2011
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The greatest high school in all of Michigan. Best at sports and academics. Better than Constantine in every way. Cool school colors too.
“You go to Schoolcraft High School? That’s one of the best schools in the country! Didn’t all of their sports teams have a perfect record last year?”
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A cute scene cat girl who nobody likes. Listens to nightcore but also heavy metal. Pastel goth sometimes. Always a Gemini. Has a weird obsession with Jesus chatline and makes too many inside jokes to count. Has a cute af emo bf who she loves dearly. Anime, Yaoi, and Manga forebaa!
"Woah is that hot thick ass neko girl Mazi?!"
"yeah, schoolcraft, mazi schoolcraft."
"slurp slurp mmm"
by rav3gurl September 22, 2020
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a cute scene girl with a hot af emo bf

listens to nightcore sometimes but also heavy metal
weird af
wow its a mazi schoolcraft!1
by rav3gurl September 22, 2020
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