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Schmug is anything and everything. The meaning doesn't come from a dictionary. It comes from within, first of all. Schmug is schmug. Schmug can be (should be?) everything you hoped for, and yet, at the same time-- everything you feared.

Named after the sweet prince of J-----, Smeagle the Beagle.
I'm schmugged up
Wanna go schmug?
I'm so schmuggin' out of this world
Can I get a schmug o' that?
What the schmug are you lookin' at, punk?
Schmugga please
Welcome to Schmugsville, USA
Well that is just fan-schmuggin-tastic
I done schmugged up
He's a real schmugly duckling
by Putrid Trash March 22, 2017
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A descriptive noun used in jest to address a companion or associate, or as a derogatory term used to insult someone guilty of 'Smart Arse' and 'Mug-Like' behaviour.
"Look at that geezer he's a Schmug mate"

"Safe schmug!!"

by Kyle and Paul October 08, 2007
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