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The very last hit of weed nearly unrecognizable as a hit taken to clear the piece but to much to just ash. Usually partaining to very good quality marijuana. Term is mostly used in relation to smoke sessions either a bong or a bowl and is on the last hit someone could offer to take the schmiegel in exchange for greens or someone can be given a schmiegel as punishment.
Yo you gonna hit that? It's a schmiegel man. Kill it I'll repack it.

Give that schmiegel to d-boi
by Girlcalledgrey March 16, 2015
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When someone acts in a selfish manner as if they are working on their "me goal" and is not considerate of others.
Sawa: Deb left me a voice message, rambling on and on about who knows what. I told her so many times that my Welsh lover Daniel was coming to NYC for the week and I think she totally forgot.
Kwistin: What a schmiegel! She doesn't get it.
by Kwistin September 25, 2005
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