1:the word schmer means i dont know or if you are unsure of the question you have been asked to anwser
2:the word schmer can also be a symbol of laziness or carefree atitude.
person 1: where did you place my cooking apron
person 2:schmer
by jacko stanton January 09, 2006
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A small midget ginger man that makes youtube videos with no logic or benefit
That Schmer over there is a big midget.
by Nebellin September 21, 2020
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A schmer is a name for some who likes to lick elastic bands or asks if the oven is electric when it clearly is.

A Schmer is also someone who asks a stripper how much tax she pays during a raunchy dance to LL Cool J.
Sometimes Schmers can be disguised as normal people who work in Burger King.
Oh Hello, is this electric? You such a schmer.

So then my darling, how much tax do you pay? What? Get off my delicious ass you schmer.
by Frank Paradise April 22, 2021
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