a kinda chubby guy who has unkempt hair and can barely take care of himself
rick moranis is schlubby
by caspoorly June 28, 2009
Still trying to look hot; particularly refers to men in their 40s. Masculine of schlabby.
Rick is acting schlubby; he really shouldn't wear that speedo!
by SchlabbyGirl May 31, 2008
That vomit is hella schlubby, I ain't cleanin that ish
by Sassyscoot February 11, 2021
An ill-kempt overweight man, often with a pronounced beer gut. Often looks 10+ years older than they are due to years of alcoholism or bad genetic luck.
I love that streamer, but was in utter shock to find out he was 28. He's so schlubby I thought he was at least 40!
by WhatIrony February 5, 2022