Noun /shlek/ A Pennsylvania Dutch word, with German origins, that describes various edibles of the junk food category including sweets, desserts, candy, soda and any other fattening snack type food.
1. "The bar mitzvah was a great time, but my physical trainer will not be happy when he finds out how much schleck I ate!"
2. "Ew Stacy! if you don't stop eating schleck you will never fit into that wedding dress!"
by Jscudder August 27, 2017
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Multifunctional curse word. Can also mean kissing.
"Get the schleck out of my way!"

"Oh, go schleck yourself."

"What the schleck is that?"

"I've had a schlecky day."

"Ugh, look at them schlecking in the corner."
by Grit-gret May 06, 2008
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