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Schizophonia is the use of a cell phone in such a manner that mimics psychotic hallucinatory behavior.
A person with schizophonia might use a concealed bluetooth earphone to chat with an unseen partner in a crowded elevator while maintaining a fixed, vacant stare.
by Stan Cohen December 26, 2007
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When you think you feel your phone vibrate in you pocket, and you pull it out only to find that nobody tried to contact you
John thought he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. When he pulled it out there were no new messages, or calls. He must be suffering from Schizophonia.
by Galen Knode January 17, 2009
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Having schizophrenia but to cover it up you have a blue-tooth headset in, so it looks like you are talking to someone but you're really talking to yourself.
Schizophrenic Bob is standing in an elevator and he screams, "Who do you think you are?!" Everyone around him looks at him, but they don't think anything of it because he has schizophonia.
by Toast Ogden December 04, 2008
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When after several months of the same ringtune, it becomes so familliar, you can hear it so vividly to the point where you answer your phone only to realize your phone didn't actually ring
Darryl - Hold on my phone is ringing
Ciaran - I don't hear anything
Darryl - No seriously where is my phone someone is trying to reach me
Ciaran - Dude you are suffering from schizophonia
Darryl - YEs...brb someone is phoning me again
by Jackywackywinky July 02, 2009
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