A person, usually a girl, who likes to dye her hair ugly ass colors and gets multiple facial piercings of the skanky nature as an attempt to look more "metal." Has somewhat of a biploar disorder and likes to talk shit about people who are much better looking and smarter than her so she can feel better about herself. Tends to date boys who like to smoke a lot of marijuana (and do nothing else) and talk about how cool they are while listening to the signature scene band, Bring Me The Horizon. Scene bots like to take slutty MySpace pictures and put PC4PC in every bulletin they post so that other scene bots will comment them to make them feel more pretty. These individuals like to pretend to be in the local music scenes, but only go to shows in an attempt to have sex with the vocalists of the bands.
That girl over there trying to make out with the drummer of that band is a total scene bot! Just look at her hair!
by xxSoBr00talxx January 17, 2010
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