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It is a portmanteau meaning "weird" and "scary".

Used to describe a feeling that arises when someone is so weirded out by an interaction with a person or a thing that they become terrified. It means the same thing as "scared" but it has the connotation that the fear was caused by an excessive of weird behaviour that in other circumstances or lesser amounts might be construed as benign and non-threatening.

It is especially useful when describing a feeling caused by a situation when someone thinks they're acting normal but is oblivious to the fact they're making other people confused and uncomfortable, to the point they are terrified and afraid for their own safety.

It was initially coined as a short hand to discuss several experiences transgender POC had when interacting with white cisgender strangers out in public who would strike up conversations only to go back and fourth between trying to act friendly and polite while simultaneously being invasive and even downright hostile at random intervals for no discernible reason. It is also useful word for any woman who takes public transit alone through any major urban area after 9pm on a weeknight to use to describe a number of the men who approach her on the bus.

Pronunciation : Virtually similar to "seared" (which is fitting because you might walk away from being on the receiving end of such an experience with your brain feeling a bit seared on the edges from being both baffled and scared at the same time).
"I don't like experimental theater. Last time my tweeker roommate dragged me to a performance it got super sceirdy. The performers decided to 'break down the third wall' and drench everyone in pigs guts while screaming they'd call the police on the audience for this 'blatant' assault while dancing the macarena and singing This Little Light of Mine a cappella and stroking audience members hair. No one had any idea how they were supposed to act and so when one of the performers announced over the PA system that we'd been' locked inside and that transcendence was the only way out of this room, our mortal bodies, and our souls' everyone in the audience was so sceird."

"My ex boyfriend is a sceirdy guy. He thought he'd try to get back together with me by following me around all day and serenading me outside my window when I was at work. Got me into trouble with my boss so I put a note up to the window to tell him what happened and politely ask him to stop. He gave me a thumbs up. Next thing I know he's singing, "One Way Or Another" in sign language while smiling like a maniac. God, he's so weird and scary he made me feel totally sceirded out. When finally I went outside and screamed I'd even think of getting back together with him now he started crying and saying I never appreciated anything he did. Not sure if he's just weird or if he's actually a cunning psychopath but either way his actions have left me feeling sceird me one too many times for me to ever reconsider!"
by sanguinestarshine April 06, 2017
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