A Kiwi university student. Specifically, a student at the University of Otago in Dunedin.
person 1: "There were heaps of scarfies at $1 draft night at the Captain Cook pub."
Person 2: "No shit"
by sundown July 25, 2005
Someone who is ultra emo and needs to let the world know how sad they really are by wearing a scarf at all times throughout the year.
Goto any emo punkrock show to view this species of emo kid.
by Dan Mariotti April 3, 2005
1) The best god damn movie in the whole intire world.

2) A person who goes to Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand
me:have you seen scarfies?
random: No
me: well you should you fuckwit
by A_L_E_X August 6, 2005
(to scarf)
an object that looks like a scarf
that mans hair looks scarfy
by jim of the north March 25, 2007
1. An adjective referring to anything that goes beyond trendy and hip.

2. An adjective meaning anything that is unnecessarily trendy and serving no true function.

The word has become commonplace as a substitute for using the term hipster.
Mary: I've switched to only drinking herbal teas from fair-trade shops.

Jane: Mary, you are so scarfy.
by bennyDNGR July 12, 2013
an adjective, a nasty mangy looking object, person or animal.
My moms dog is full of fleas and very scarfy.
Stop giving me the scarfy pillow!!
by chere577 June 22, 2012
A literal sweerheart. Anyone would sell their arm and leg to meet a Scarfy in real life. Scarfies are super hot and beautiful, not mention sex gods 😍😍
"Hey I met someone named scarfy today!"
by Krisisis November 22, 2021