scarc is already a force to be reckoned with. If you piss of scarc however you are screwed. He will scream cock shot and kick your dick. Scarc is usually seen with a buddy wiener sweatshirt. if angered he will ascend to a level never seen before. to avoid this never call scarc stupid or turn your back on him. trust me for the sake of your life do not anger scarc or you will FUCKING die!
I am angry scarc cock shot
by super scarc April 09, 2019
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Words commonly(, or more accurately; constantly) used by youtube news reporter John Scarce e.g. 'Crazy', 'Dude', 'insane', 'Hey Whats Up Guys' etc.
"it was insane, dude" "-chill with the Scarce Words"
by MittensButItsNotTaken August 31, 2018
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A person who lacks potatoes in their life and or has a face similar to a potato
That starving child is such a potato scarce.
by Noswag September 15, 2015
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A society of people that make news on Youtube or social media, but also often make mistakes. They wear flannel shirts and jeans with a scarce like haircut. They also hate Kermit the Frog.
"The Scarce Society hates Kermit the Frog."
by NormaldocUniverse February 28, 2017
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