The act of bribing someone with a tasty sandwich as payment for aiding in a strenuous/superfluous endeavor.

*Recipients should be wary, bribers may or may not renege on sandwich payment.*
Will: "Hey Mac, would you mind helping me load these 57 bags of concrete mix into my truck?"

Mac: "Are you serious!?! I've got other sh-"

Will:"There is a Publix Chicken Tender sub in it for you."

Mac: "Damn you and your scamwich tactics!. . . alright, I'll help."
by JDMGio October 20, 2010
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The descriptor of the situation where;

- An individual purchased a luxurious looking 'filling packed' sandwich.

- Said sandwich is then unwrapped or de-bagged for consumption.

- The consumer is them revealed to how the sandwich is actually structured; fillings all packed up onto the 'show-side' with little to no filling in the back, resulting in a scamwich.
Aww shit man, I went to this bomb-ass bakery and saw this fuckin' sweet lookin' sandwich in the cabinet. Opened that shit once I got back to work - bitch behind the counter sold me a scamwich.
by Ole goofy ass December 29, 2016
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A sandwich which has been deceptively stuffed and packaged to appear as though it has more meat (or other filling) than it actual does. Often, meat is concentrated in the middle, then the sandwich cut in half to reveal what seems to be an abundance. In reality, the meat is just poorly distributed and large areas of the bread hollow. Its a scam and a nightmare.
That corner deli sells nothing but scamwiches.

The cold wraps at Pret are packaged like scamwiches.
by ByHisGrace August 21, 2019
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1. noun- A stolen sandwich.
variations: Scramwich, Scamwich, scammich.
1. Check out this scamwich i stole from the staff fridge.
by alehandro camerez March 10, 2008
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