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The act of bribing someone with a tasty sandwich as payment for aiding in a strenuous/superfluous endeavor.

*Recipients should be wary, bribers may or may not renege on sandwich payment.*
Will: "Hey Mac, would you mind helping me load these 57 bags of concrete mix into my truck?"

Mac: "Are you serious!?! I've got other sh-"

Will:"There is a Publix Chicken Tender sub in it for you."

Mac: "Damn you and your scamwich tactics!. . . alright, I'll help."
by P. Britt October 20, 2010
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The descriptor of the situation where;

- An individual purchased a luxurious looking 'filling packed' sandwich.

- Said sandwich is then unwrapped or de-bagged for consumption.

- The consumer is them revealed to how the sandwich is actually structured; fillings all packed up onto the 'show-side' with little to no filling in the back, resulting in a scamwich.
Aww shit man, I went to this bomb-ass bakery and saw this fuckin' sweet lookin' sandwich in the cabinet. Opened that shit once I got back to work - bitch behind the counter sold me a scamwich.
by Ole goofy ass December 29, 2016
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1. noun- A stolen sandwich.
variations: Scramwich, Scamwich, scammich.
1. Check out this scamwich i stole from the staff fridge.
by alehandro camerez March 09, 2008
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