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Getting free shipping through amazon by signing up for multiple free trials of amazon prime. This only works for people living in suburbs. This is because in many suburbs, town boundaries are not exact, and several different town names can be used in mailing addresses which won't cause the mail to be sent to the wrong place. Using the Philadelphia suburbs as an example, a piece of mail sent to XXXX Conestoga Road in ROSEMONT Pennsylvania will still be sent to the correct house if the town name is changed to GARETT HILL, BRYN MAWR, RADNOR, VILLANOVA, ST. DAVIDS, or ITHAN.

So here's how it works. Amazon gives a free 1 month trial of Amazon Prime (with free 2 day shipping) to all new users. Simply sign up for your first one, but don't add more than one card to the account. In the meantime, change the town name on your other cards and order new ones with your name printed on them in different ways (middle name, no middle name, nickname, full first name, etc.). When your first free trial expires, sign up for a new account with a different email address, username, and a different card. Because your name and address are different, amazon won't figure out that you are the same person. Keep doing it until you are out of credit cards, town names, or variations on your name.
A man named George Herbert Walker Bush wants to do some online shopping, without paying for shipping. So he decides to start scamazonning. He signs up for an Amazon account with a free trial of Amazon Prime, with a card that says GEORGE BUSH. He then changes the name of the town he lives in on all of his other credit and debit cards, and has his other cards printed up to say GEORGE W BUSH, GEORGE H BUSH, GEORGE H W BUSH, GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, G BUSH, G W BUSH, G H BUSH, G H W BUSH, and GEO BUSH. After each trial expires, he signs up for a new account with a different card, utilizing a different free yahoo email account. He is thus able to extend the 1 month free shipping to 9 months.
by schnappoulop October 16, 2012
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