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Someone who stabs continually at the same place with a syringe, usually trying to inject street drugs, until it forms a scab....once the scab is formed the scab stabber will usually stab at the newly formed scab trying to ingest more drugs....
Look at that scab stabber trying to stab at that scab with that dull rusty needle.... how many scabs could a scab stabber stab if a scab stabber could stab scabs?? A scab stabber would stab all scabs that they could stab if a scab stabber could stab scabs......
by tex WHITE September 11, 2016
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Someone who cannot let go of old wounds and allow them to heal, and won't allow others to do so.
Every time that Scab Stabber came over, she wanted to talk about my ex and how we all used to hang out back in the day. After a while, I just had to stop taking her phone calls.
by Word Kitchen July 14, 2011
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