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one of the best movies of 2005. It was better than the 1st saw, and that one kicked ass. it was alot fucking gorier than the 1st one too. Jigsaw traps 8 people in a house and they have 2 hours to get out before they die, but the house itself has traps.
by Adrian February 17, 2006
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amazing movie about this guy named jigsaw who plays games with people and if they dont finish the games, they die. but if they can complete their games they can get a whole new outlook on thier lives. a sequel to saw 1 obviously. really good movie very gory and the ending is one of those things were you go "oh he was planning this all along oh shit"
saw II is a fuckin great movie evryone should see it even if your squeammish and dont like that kind of stuff
by superman 2 April 12, 2006
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