When a person is being extremely sassy, or sarcastic. Commonly used when two ghetto girls are fighting via texting
Girl 1: keep you and yo' sassy ass quiet, bitch
Girl 2: man, fuck you and yo' stupid azz bitch boyfriend too, nigga

Girl 1: nigga, screw you
by TGMittens November 16, 2014
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A bitch who's sassy and has an ass.
Dick:"Thots these days are such sassy ass bitches.
Pussy: "ikr im so not a thot" *grins*
by Sassy Ass Bitch Inc. November 5, 2017
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an assasin with an abundence of swag and loves anal sex
p1: look at that guy over there why is he checking out her ass

p2: oh him hes a sassy ass assasin
by comander clit November 4, 2011
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Someone who has a sassy and comedic ASS
YO wanna look at my sassy ass
by snmmn March 19, 2023
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