1: n - Kansas, particularly Kansas City and Lawrence.
2: adj - being from a rural area while exhibiting qualities connoting ultra-urban hipsterism. Used primarily in Brooklyn.
1: Goin' back to the Sasnak?
2: That guy in the hat is so Sasnak.
by alphaminus January 23, 2008
n - a redneck Texas trucker with most of his teeth and a Yosemite Sam mustache seen at rural dirt track speedways and honking his train horn in the People's Clownvoy of greater Maryland and Virginia, but not DC. While not a spokesperson for the convoy, he is misquoted by media as its organizer or leader.
Sasnak is live again on YouTube, giggling as he drives around in circles with his clownvoy buddies.
by FinleyNoble March 22, 2022
Sasnak drives a truck while streaming anti government chat on YouTube Grifting
by Progressive's movement March 22, 2022
noun saz-nak A redneck YouTuber who joined the People's Convoy to Warshington DC, camping at a dirt track speedway in Hagerstown, and drives around in circles honking his train horn on Livestream.
You want a front-row seat to the Clownvoy in DC without getting your boots dirty, tune into Sasnak.
by FinleyNoble March 22, 2022
ytic sasnak is kansas city spelled backwards....DUHHH!!!!
ytic sasnak = kansas city

without a doubt the most incredible place to live or visit on the planet.
by just some dude August 27, 2005