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Louis is a great, kind, sweet, smart, funny and extremely cute guy. If you find a Louis dont let him go. He can get shy at times but is actually a really good person. Everyone needs a Louis in their life.

L~ lovable
O~ Original
U~ Understanding
I~ Incredible
E~ Extreme
I have a Louis in my life!
~ Oh my jesus woman hold on tight!
by just some dude September 20, 2018
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The cup in which a male (or group of males) blows a load into. Usually used in a semen drinking fetish film.
Those dudes filled the spunk cup to the brim and she took it like a champ!
by just some dude February 10, 2014
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ytic sasnak is kansas city spelled backwards....DUHHH!!!!
ytic sasnak = kansas city

without a doubt the most incredible place to live or visit on the planet.
by just some dude August 27, 2005
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