3 definitions by alphaminus

1: n - Kansas, particularly Kansas City and Lawrence.
2: adj - being from a rural area while exhibiting qualities connoting ultra-urban hipsterism. Used primarily in Brooklyn.
1: Goin' back to the Sasnak?
2: That guy in the hat is so Sasnak.
by alphaminus January 23, 2008
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something boring that has intentionally been made annoyingly visually unsatisfying, unmusical, or otherwise obtuse in order to convince the listener, viewer, or reader that its creators are interesting and intelligent.
That noise band with the circuit bent greeting cards was totally avant garde.
by alphaminus May 15, 2014
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a hasty neologism in the form of a portmanteau. (when you make up a new word real fast by slamming other words together)
Slamagram is itself a slamagram formed from the words slam and anagram. Other examples include cankles, snobservation, jeggings, bacne, and brotatalitarian.
by alphaminus September 20, 2011
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