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a girl that is a huge sweetheart. "forever smiling" is the proper definition. it takes a lot for a sarvin not to smile, like bitcheswriting a horrible, untrue defintion of her except for the the big boobs part . sarvins are very smart though sometimes naive. no one has yet to dislike a sarvin, not even ex-boyfriends or backstabbed LONG TIME AGO, DONT CARE I SWEAR lol friends. as a matter of fact, they tend to love her even more after an experience with her. sarvin has a way of making everything better.
by dianaananna March 06, 2007
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Sarvin is a thin beautiful girl with a big heart so sweet warm clever ambitious and mostly shy.
sarvins best friends are usually jeleous of them but they love and care for sarvins deep inside.Even their enemies and the ones who talk behind sarvins' backs respect them and want to be like'em those shitty friends! The sarvins have a dark side in their personalities witch is kinda like depression !
They love attention and they do anything for it !!
Wow man !look at the hot nice girl over there she must be a sarvin!
by Danial adams October 06, 2017
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