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1. An embarrassed apology, with acknowledgement that your actions might have led to an epidemic of global proportions.
2. An apology made after giving someone SARS.
-Dude, why did you break that test tube?! We're all going to die!
-Whoops, sarsy!
-No prob.
by Bunzobunzo November 14, 2006
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1)a brunette girl who acts like a blonde 99% of the time, but still mocks other people who have blonde MOMENTS
2)a girl with extreme nasal and allergy problems
1)"wow, i said ONE dumb thing and abbey has to get all up in my grill about it. Shes SUCH a sarsy!!!!!"
2)When Lauren woke up, she started acting like a complete sarsy. She had a sneezing attack and she blew her nose like, 30 times.
by tehehe March 22, 2004
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