1. any act or outburst that results in making someone feel awkward, uncomfortable, or confused, and sometimes to purposely really piss someone off.

2. to "mess" with someone, to pull pranks on them.

3. disorient; malign; estrange

4. a filler word, much related to "nice". just as you can "nice" someone, you can "sarch someone"
"God that kid didn't know what was going on. We sarched him soo bad!"


"I bought that new Fanta today."

by da landersarch April 3, 2010
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1. A tin of processed mechanically recovered, heavily salted, luncheon meat derivative.

2. An audible proclamation of any emotion, mood or psychological state known human race, whilst under the influence of luncheon meat or illegal chemical narcotics.

3. A state of luncheon meat induced trance.
1. Golly gosh, I sure am wrecked and could seriously do with a tin of luncheon Sarch right now.

1. Fishing enthusiast 1 What did you catch it on?
Fishing enthusiast 2 Sarch.

2. SARCH!!! Projected at an offensively loud amplitude in an attempt to decribe one's often confused emotions - usually euphoria and erotica with an after taste of suicdal depression caused as a result of the complex chemical processes inflicted on the central nervous system by the mechanically recovered, heavily salted, luncheon meat derivative.

3. sarch... not to be confused with selch or barch, almost as funny as the word sarch but not quite as funny
by Rev. Cockle Priest April 18, 2009
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Term used to describe the sexy arch in a female’s lower back.
“Wow, have you noticed Karyn lately? She’s running an absolute killer sarch.”
by Matthroboy July 19, 2022
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