A nickname often given to girls named SARA (no H because that's just pointless) because SARA's are soft and cuddly and sweet like a teddy bear.
dude 1: "hey, isn't that your girl, Sara over there?:
dude 2: "yea, sure is, that's my Sarbear"
by sarbear862 October 23, 2008
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the best girlfriend ever; she’s my forever soulmate no matter what and she deserves the world and even more, she’s also the prettiest and kindest person ever and she’s just so hard on herself but nonetheless I will always wish the best for her and her only in hopes that everything will be better at some point ^^ I just love her sm and will always shower her with so much love and hopefully my sarbear be happy forever and ever <3
my sarbear is the best; she makes me feel loved and shy but i love it
by Thvtete May 5, 2022
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your wrong..its the nickname given to sarah by gigi
GIGI called SARAH sarbear one night while GIGI, SARAH and CARLEENA were singing...
by yousatonit February 13, 2005
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The nickname given to Sarah Bodhuin by Nicole MacAvoy.
Sarbear I love you!
by Sarah April 4, 2003
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sarbear is a **nickname** given to a person named sara by ike
Person.: dude who’s that, do you know em?
Ike: yeah bro, thats my sarbear.
by ikebroflovski February 6, 2021
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