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Sanzo is a buddhist monk in the anime series of Saiyuki. His habits deviate from the norm of a regular monk while he smokes, drinks, cusses, and even has yaotic and sexual pleasures with his slave Gayden Goku from Mt. Kaka.

He is 23 years old, the oldest in the group and has an array of shiny blonde strands to his head that are like the sun. This is his attack to get people to fall in love with him so he can then shoot them and protect the maten scriptures which were places into his hands.
It's priest Sanzo! We must run!
by Pristine December 17, 2004
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The act of having sex with the spouse or lover of someone who is trying to get one an advancement in his/her occupation, or lack thereof.
"Jeez man, I had sex with the wife of the guy who's trying to get me a job! I pulled a Sanzo!"
by Hello2u January 30, 2006
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