means blood, in spanish.can aslo used for family/kindred.
jim-better don't touch him nigga, he is ma sangre .
by ADYAKA January 8, 2010
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A horror game for the iPhone with no visuals in which you must rely solely on your sense of hearing. Your eyes are useless to you in the darkness — but your ears are filled with sound.
Papa Sangre is the best video game with no video ever.
by StrangeMagic March 17, 2013
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An Irish goddess that lives somewhere in Ireland, working as an assassin for the ISA. Hot, Honest, Caring, Kind, Legendary, and possesses such badassery that all who view her are induced with pure awesome. All that worship Sangre die happy. Also makes a mean drink.
When I prayed to Sangre de la Rosa last night, I shat myself out of being struck dead from the awesome.
by The Curry November 5, 2009
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