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A small sand nigger such as a child or midget (see definition for Sand Nigger or Dune Coon)
All I see on TV in Baghdad are a bunch of sand nigglets running in the streets.
by The Troof September 18, 2004
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Sophisticated, mischievous, dark-skinned individuals who are too smart and sexy for the good of themselves or the world. Sand Nigglets are very rare, as their existence throws the universe out of balance. As a result, there are numerous urban legens recounting their spontaneous combustion, alien abduction, and various other methods of disappearance.
Sand Nigglets are believed by some to be responsible for numerous unexplained occurrences such as Stonehenge, the lost city of Atlantis, and the ongoing goings on within the Bermuda Triangle.
by Wicklet November 16, 2011
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