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"the city of good living" as its called. located about 30 miles south of san francisco, CA. Its a small town full of old people, and rich teenagers who like to act ghetto because theyre so far from the hood they know they wont get shot. 650 SC NIGGA
Dude lets go to san carlos, and do nothing.
by scdude January 25, 2006
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The best place in San Diego, obviously San Carlos can out do allied gardens, and del cerro put together, the biggest best and realest people come out of SC, ag= always gay, dc= dumb cunts

Now if all of San Carlos could get together and make a San Carlos Alliance we'd be straight but everyone has to prove that they run the streets out there.
DC Kid= "Man I've heard about SC they always come around our turf and run us out."

AG Kid= " Don't feel bad DC, San Carlos hates us the most, we'll never be able to overrun SC."
by A Way Running May 15, 2007
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