Samyra is a Indian name meaning beautiful,thick, & attractive. Any female who is name Samyra is a strong and brave women.
by Doctor Gilyard June 19, 2018
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This girl is a boss and doesn't give a fuck what other people say
She is very smart, talented, beautiful, sexy, and fun

She's a boss bitch and rules the world
At the end of the day she's a QUEEN and DADDY

She got BOOTY as well
1 Bro is that Samyra she's bomb as fuck
2 I want her !!
1 Dude she's way out of your league
by llanos do sndxhdb March 15, 2017
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Can mean "ruled by God" when used as a fem of Samuel. Otherwise a unique name and hard to come across. Closest literal Hebrew translation is "wire brush."

Family name from the mountains of Arkansas.
Don't call me Sam, Myra, or mispell my name. It's Samyra.
by Samyra April 29, 2006
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Samyra is a badass and does not care what other's thinks it's hard for her to fall in love with her (if you try) its verry rare to find someone named Samyra around here
person 1- Samyra is such a god
person two- i heard she dosen't care what orther people think
person one- wow thats impressive!
by lilytc January 3, 2022
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