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also known as a "raloo", often used to describe someone as funny (Bikey)
hi ! , are you being saloo today?
by mikeylufc October 27, 2007
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Often used to describe a pathetic little boy with a high pitched voice who has not hit puberty at the age of 14. This poor kids lack of common sense at times shows him to be a complete and utter retard. Usually relies on online games to learn information about puberty,sex,life and masterbation. Is also known to make online videos showing him playing naked monoply with 5 of his fellow 12 year old little sex slave companions. We must pity this child.
AF: You think saloo has learnt to masterbate yet?
by gf blud August 31, 2008
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Another term for weed or marijuana, often used as a code to not be obvious around outsiders or adults that would not be okay with the term. BTW my friends made this up and now alot of other groups of kids use the term also.
'Where's the saloo at?" or "I've smoked so much saloo!"
by HayleyDEAR June 06, 2009
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