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salomae is a beautiful and amazing girl. she will be a great friend and you can trust her with your secrets. she tends to be very care-free. she's shy around new people, but if she opens up to you you're lucky. you just got a good friend you'll keep forever. she cares about you more than herself and always wants to talk 24/7. it's normal to fall in love with her because she's that gorgeous. i would know, i have a crush on a salomae. salomae is a unique name and she usually goes by sally. she'll do anything to keep you, even if that means talking non-stop for an hour. she tends to be a little clingy but you'll love that.
person: "oh my god, who is that? she's so gorgeous!"
person: "that's salomae. of course she's gorgeous."
by gay.avocado November 16, 2020
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a cottagecore lesbian is a girl who runs off to the countryside/farm to live in a cottage with her lesbian wife. it's based off of the cottagecore aesthetic, and lesbians really liked that aesthetic and decided to make it a lifestyle. cottagecore lesbians usually enjoy baking, the outdoors, animals, and small, cozy cottages. after all, that's where they live.
person: "why is she wearing a mushroom hat?"

cultured person: "that's because she's a cottagecore lesbian and she's matching with her girlfriend."
by gay.avocado November 16, 2020
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