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Indian actor. He kind of started the whole bodybuilding and six-pack thing as cool in India.
Omg, priya did you see Salman Khan's body in that new movie.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
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He is the most overrated actor of Bollywood having no worldwide popularity and he even doesn't know how to act!!
by ak971048 October 01, 2017
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Goras think his name is Salmon, but he's the one who started the bodybuilding 6-pack trend in India.
He also flirts with girls 20 years younger than him in his movies and is known for his over exaggerated fighting scenes. One punch and his opponent is DEAD AF.
Priya: Hey Geeta, wanna see the new Salman Khan movie with me??
Geeta: OMG NO bye!
by katieschickennuggets June 15, 2017
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