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Most chutiya fanbase to exist ever...They are delusional butthurts who never talk sense and facts but always find excuses. Only reason for trolling n insult to Akshay kumar. He himself had to stop and request them to stop their idiocy.
Makkhians are scum bags...do not waste your time on such jerks.
by Wickedmind July 6, 2019
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Illiterate, selftroll fans of Makkhi kumar. They keep trying their arse hard to prove him superior with every sort of stupid excuse, always rant n beg for festivals.
Makkhitards are bunch of morons.
by Wickedmind July 6, 2019
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Joker actor Akshay Kumar is Masalaman of Bollywood . When he gave continous disasters in masala genere, he shifted to low budget patriotism films, to save his flop career . His fans always rant of masala in-spite of him having maximum flops in this genre .
Akshay has 14 continuous flops ..he is masalaman of Bollywood
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
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Khiladians are group of trolls who are full of hatred, They are jobless uneducated street wanderers , who bring shame and hatred to Actor Akshay Kumar. They are paid bots who abuse, stalk and make edits to prove their point. They live in their own land and talk without logic and sense. Almost every Khiladian is having a fake account on social media, are good at licking ass and cleaning plates.
Hey you group of Khiladians...go wash the plates, dont waste ur time , also bring me a kadak tea.
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
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Khiladian is person who likes Canadian Akshay Kumar. He brings shame to his favourite and is the reason of hatred towards him.
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
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King of North is delusional term used by fans of Akshay Kumar, to praise him..which instead turns a mockery and insults him.

It is as stupid as calling him Guruji.
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
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