salih means to be fit for a job especailly repairing stuff as salih was derived from the arabic word(saleh) which means correct or suitable or righteous.
it is also a name of a great man.
its also used to describe religious people.
because he's salih, he is fit for the job.
he is salih; his prayers were eye-catching between the others due to him being religious.
by kunji November 5, 2007
+Wow isn't that gorgeous model
-Yeah He's Salih
by Physicist17 July 23, 2018
Very cute young man who is very sexy but very humble.
She makes me feel like a Salih
by Alcaneus May 1, 2018
A turkish name...
The sexiest men in the world.

All girls are burnin for him.
I need to give Salih.
by saliko January 30, 2020
‘Salihing’ is a word used for when you say I am deactivating my facebook account, but not actually doing it.
Salih : I am going offline.
Everyone : Stop Salihing.
by Israazain November 12, 2019
Salihler genellikle orospu çocuğudur. Kalp kırar, boklar yer sonra da pişman olur. Hemen hemen hepsi bu döngüye sahiptir.
Salih ne salak adamsın
by hzsalai November 21, 2021
Fucking big head he is stealing glasses from specsavers amd put IT om his big head he's fat and his head is enorm he send childrens to steal a ps4
Salih is a turkish thief
by Salih. Forehead December 13, 2016