the sweetest, funniest, smartest girl ever. she will make you laugh and make your whole day seem brighter and happier with just one smile. she is very loyal and will do anything to make someone feel better. she is a very busy girl who tries hard to keep up with her life and be obligated to everything. she tries her best to make room for her schedule for everyone but knows how hard it can be when there are strict rules that she must follow. she can be quite a rebel and can be real freaky when she wants to (wink wink ;))) ) If you ever fall in love with a salena, remember that she loves you and dont ever let her go even though times may get rough for both of you.
That girl looks like a Salena tbh.
by broskiinthebag100 October 9, 2019
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pretty much the most amazing and hottest girl to walk the planet.

oh, did i mention shes smart and theres nobody like her ever.

beautiful sexy fun
Adam: Whos that one girl? The hot one over there?
Billy: Oh, you mean Salena .
by john smith. March 28, 2008
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Very beautiful. Petite. Hispanic, mexican orientation. Athletic. Big smile. Brown eyes and thick dark hair. Often complimented on looks. Stands out most in crowd of people. Loyal and honest friend. Often blunt but smiles at the same time. Not confrontational but if your dishonest or disloyal she will simply and easily disregard you and you will no longer be priority. Most people are afraid to be rude or be confrontational with her. She is very intelligent. Analytical and logical about most controversial topics. Animals and kids love her. Loves to laugh, be silly and dance. Very outgoing and likes to meet new people, experience new places and things. Very ambitious and usually have plan for everything. Likes to think about things in advance and be ahead on deadlines. Often keep to their selves about personal experiences and conflicts but confide in people she trusts the most; which are rare. Takes sweet time getting ready to do anything! Often thinks very highly of themselves but hardly ever boasts. Very confident. Some may think she is cocky or cold but once you get to know her she is most humble, down to earth girl you meet. Cares alot for family and is very family oriented. If you ever meet a Salena, never let her go outta sight! :)
' Salenas'
by pocahantos July 11, 2012
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Greek for the moon.

Someone who is beyond beautiful and when looking into her eyes you see a kind, amazing person with a big heart that from just one smile from her can warm anyones heart or even Antarctica.

-Wow, look at her. I'm stunned by her kindness and beauty. I like her!

-Who? Oh, you mean Salena?
by Helmsley April 6, 2008
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Means the moon in Greek. It is someone who is beyond beautiful and when looking into her sweet hazel eyes you see a kind, amazing person with a big heart that from just one smile from her can warm anyones heart or even Antarctica. Not only is she beautiful but she is very intelligent and from just looking at her you know that she will be extremely successful.

- Wow. Do you see that girl in the hallway? I'm stunned by her kindness and beauty. I must be dreaming! How do I talk to someone that that beautiful and amazing?

- It must be Salena.
by Helmsley April 7, 2008
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Salena is such a cutie pie, sweetest kindest type girl you will ever meet. She loves to be adventurous even though she has very strict parents, she does her best to rebel to the best of her abiloties. she also loves to wheel guys and is awesome at it ;) any guy who wheels her will get a automatic hj and very satisfied, i know i am satisfied by her skills
#youre with salena?
#soooo lucky

#damn that mouth be doing things like a salena
by hottest man thats hers March 26, 2019
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A girl commonly known for living with 38 cats.
salena wiener
by d4yumx November 24, 2011
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