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Originating in Milwaukie, Oregon in the early 1980's, this sexual position involves a drunk girl in the doggy or semi - doggy position, looking behind her with a smile at the equally drunk guy trying to line up for entry.
"Dude, she did the Milwaukie girl last night." This line is usually followed by two Milwaukie boys high fiveing or more recently fist bumping.
by cabin boy December 27, 2009

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Two lesbians in a canoe.
While out kayaking on the Columbia, I saw some fur traders tip over and lose all their beaver traps.
by cabin boy December 26, 2009

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Any tattoo visible on the neck, face or head of a regular person who needs to work for a living.
Billy Bob did not get the promotion out of the stock room due to the "88' salary cap tat on his neck.
by cabin boy December 29, 2009

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A small breed whale of the humpback variety. So named after famed naturalist Gary Pickbertson, this curious whale can be found off the coast of South Africa.
Robert: Baloooga! Nick: Nope, Pickbertson's whale!
by cabin boy December 31, 2009

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