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A city in central Minnesota of about 50,000 people. The biggest city in the mostly rural central Minnesota area: either a bastion of civilization in the plains of corn farms or a pimple on the ass of the state, depending on how you look at it. The political climate can best be described as the only conservative area in a very liberal state. The city itself isn't that bad. The skyline leaves a bit to be desired. There actually is some culture if you look. For the most part a college town. The colleges keep the area stocked with fun and fine ladies.

By far the biggest problem with Saint Cloud is its traffic and road system. The traffic isn't as slow as some big cities, but the drivers are all fucktards and the streets are laid out stupid. This town could use some more east-west corridors.

If we go for a walk in Saint Cloud we could see- wait- there is no point in going for a walk, as you will only be yelled at by the aforementioned asswipe drivers.

Culturally, the area has all the types of people you could wish to avoid: goths, emos, rich kids from nearby suburbs, fake ass gangsters, rednecks, and wiggers.

The educational system is very underfunded, yet operational; this is because central minnesotans want only the best things, but will burn in hell before they have to pay for anything. However, St. Cloud has no less than 6 colleges or tech schools in the nearby area.

It is often asserted by many that there is nothing to do in St. Cloud. This isn't exactly true, it is just an excuse kids use to get wasted. Speaking of which, we have some of the highest alcoholism and DWI rates out side of America's inner city ghettos and Indian Reservations.

But other than that, Saint Cloud ain't bad.
"Oh shit, Saint Cloud is ahead, just keep driving until we're in Chicago."
by PeaTearGriffin September 04, 2005
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St. Cloud, Minnesota is just another dreary little town no one cares about that just happens to be infested with Muslims. Half the kids in the schools here are Muslim. And they walk around acting like they are better than everyone. The other half thinks they own everything so they walk around like they have corn chips shoved up their butts. They like to pretend they’re rich and perfect and that maybe their lives will go somewhere, when really they’re just as plain and middleclass as the rest of us.
Saint Cloud
by Ema Jay July 31, 2009
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