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A girl whos beatiful in every way. Comes from the Persian word sahar 4 sunrise which is an amazing thing 2 watch(just like her).
"My sahari is gr8"

"Sahari chegad khoshgeli"

2 sahar from ashiiiiiii
by Dedicated 2 sahar October 31, 2004
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To hit with a dull thudding face
Yar... you saharied me in the din
by RealBigBand April 21, 2018
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Sweetest whore you'll ever meet.

Loves to flash money and spends it often, even money he/she doesnt have. Works hardLikes to have more than one partner at a time, gets bored easily. Is always on the hunt for the next bedroom victim so ladies if your saharis is a female friend keep your bf's locked up because those will be her first pick. If your Saharis is male friend, he might even go gay for your bf's. They love to love. Saharis loves to read books, mostly harry potter. They hate doing laundry so most likely are paying someone else to do it for them. Can be very lazy but can also be the life of the party.
Chica 1- Were did Susana go?

Chica 2- In the closet with your bf

Chica 1- She's totally pulling a Saharis on me.
by rockurworld August 17, 2013
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