Saffron is an amazing amazing person she is very funny and also very sweet and pretty if you have a friend named saffron keep her you will always love her she has an amazing sense of style she cares about everyone she know she lover all her friends and family ❤️
Wish I could see Saffron more ❤️💗
by Animalove6328 September 17, 2018
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Someone who uses all of the cringe tiktok expressions in their talking style.
EMILY/BLM/ACAB/HE/IT is a compete saffron as they say weird shit including but not limited to:
“ … bestie”
“ You understood the assignment”
“That’s sus” (not a piss take)
by there is two genders December 6, 2021
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Saffron is a girl who is smart in many ways! She has trustworthy friends who share most of her interests. She has light hair which she cherishes. She loves her family and would do anything for the people she loves, she’s not the romantic type but she falls in love easily. She finds it easy enough to let go of past friendships but deep down it hurts her. If you ever get the chance to meet a Saffron, don’t let her go!
Wow. I’d love to meet Saffron! She sounds nice.
by Little monster December 2, 2018
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The sweetest best girl in the world, brunette her and a great personality. If you are lucky enough to know a saffron treat her well because she deserves nothing less
by Thebigman1 October 1, 2019
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Saffron is a super awesome girl who loves to play volleyball and have fun. She dates a lot of guys but that's because she doesn't freak out when they break up with her. Saffron is an amazing artist and is skilled in many other forms of are. She is a sexy ginger.
Damn look at Saffron's ass it's tight!
by Saffronrae September 21, 2014
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Ohhhhhhhh she is mighty fine and is a smexy ass bean with hella style!
She’s awesome, funny, and sassy

She will always be there for you and is just so fricking cray cray! She’s so hot and is amazing in bed mmmmhhhh
Damn you were amazing you might as well be called (Saffron). Yeahhhh
by Simplythebest776 April 28, 2019
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(verb) to saffron - the act of accidentally killing yourself in some stupid way with almost no damage whilst playing any of the Super Smash Bros series. The word is derived from the original "Saffron City" level where most Saffrons take place, and frustration ensues
"Andrew saffron'd himself 3 times and that's why he lost"

"I hate it when I saffron myself"
by Brohan Mangseph February 16, 2009
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