1. Someone who ruins the vibe every time they come around
2. someone who is an asshole
3. someone who is constantly sad
by Manifmanif proManif Productio February 24, 2017
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An individual whose very presence lowers the tone in the room. Will complain about almost anything and will dress in plain, understated clothes. The human equivilent of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.
"Hi everybody. Hope you're feeling better today than I am. Still can't find my Prozac anywhere, I'm getting really worried now. Must the Sun rise every morning in the east? Why can't..." - ad infinitum.
by Mr Ben February 9, 2005
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"liv missed 4:20"

"yeah, liv's a sadsack"
by kate punches February 11, 2017
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When one has intercourse with a plus sized woman on a love sac
by Telescope squad August 6, 2015
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A person who goes by a false name. Works at a company where he is just an extension and likes to think of himself as a Loner where he is infact just a social reject with friends.
Ryan Campbell AKA Ruan Lategan is the biggest sadsack I know! He even makes Eyore look happy
by Extension 4040 April 20, 2011
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Donald lost reelection and walks around looking like a sadsack of ....
by Gilly63 December 28, 2021
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Compliment given to the best people. Only the best deserve this name.
Man, that guy is such a sadsack
IKR! He's so cool im glad im his friend
by angstgremlin3 January 20, 2021
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